Shootout at supermarket: Assailant mows down 10 in New York's Buffalo Ciety

Sun May 15 2022 12:37:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

In a shocking incident of suspected racial hate-propelled attack, a heavily armed 18-year-old youth opened indiscriminate fire at a grocery store in New York's Buffalo City on Saturday. The shootout left at least 10 dead and several severely injured. The armed youth is now under police custody and is being questioned.

The youth wore military-style clothes and body armour. He carried a camera mounted on his helmet. The police suspect that he was live-streaming his carnage. The grocery store where the incident occurred is a good three km from the Buffalo city and the killer is suspected to have travelled this distance to perpetrate the crime.

The US federal officials say that this could be a hate crime and racially motivated violent extremism. The cops say that 11 of the 13 people attacked by the criminal were black. This shows that the assailant targeted the black people.  The security officials have withheld the name of the assailant in this case.

This is the second mass shooting in New York in the last 30 days. On April 12, an assailant fired indiscriminately at a subway station and injure d 13 persons. The assailant was identified as Frank James, 62.Mass shootings have been rising alarmingly in the US. According to sources, at east 40000 deaths occurred every year due to the mass shootings by assailants with no past record of crime. Gun violence is on the rise in the US, say officials.