Atchen Naidu completely alone in North Andhra?

Thu Apr 29 2021 08:52:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

TDP AP president and North Andhra strongman K Atchen Naidu is finding self completely isolated in the party in general and in North Andhra in particular. Even before his utterances against Lokesh Babu and about the TDP's future became public, he has had little support in his borough of North Andhra.

Leaders from North Andhra such as Gouthu Syamasundar Shivaji and Kimidi Kala Venkat Rao have not exactly been very happy with Atchen Naidu's elevation. In fact, Kala Venkat Rao is unhappy as Atchen has replaced him. Former minister Gunda Appala Narayana Swamy has been ambivalent but sources close to him say that his loyalty with be to the party but not to Atchen  and in times of crisis, he will stand with the party rather than Atchen Naidu. In Vizianagaram, Gajapati royal clan's Ashok Gajapathi Raju is upset that Atchen is encouraging his rivals. In Vizag district, senior leader and former minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao is still undecided about what he would do and what his next step would be.

Another senior leader who is unhappy with Atchen Naidu's elevation is Ayyanna Patrudu. Ayyanna strongly feels that despite his sacrifice and contribution for the party , he has been ignored. His has been sulking ever since Atchen was made the AP chief. He too has been reportedly keeping a distance from Atchen. As of now, Atchen is almost alone in his borough of North Andhra. As for the party, less said the better.