Is August Crisis Brewing For TDP?

Thu Jun 06 2019 14:07:32 GMT+0530 (IST)

No one knows how fate changes life. Two weeks ago, he was the king of all he surveyed and he was received by the biggest of the politicians with respect and awe. But today, he has turned into a zero from hero. He has lost the elections and has no power. He is not wanted anywhere. He is not getting red carpets rolled out for him anywhere.

The TDP has three major enemies to fight now. One is arch rival YSRCP. The second is the BJP, whom Chandrababu wanted to dislodge from power. The third is Telangana chief minister KCR. All the three are in power now and are in a position of strength.

But, his biggest fear is now is the month of August. The TDP always has an adversorial relationship with August. This is the month when the party has faced most of the existential challenges. In August 1984, Nadendla Bhaskar Rao rebelled against NTR and tried to form the government. In 1995, Chandrababu rebelled and ousted NTR from power. Is August 2019 going to prove the third deadly august for the party. Now the party has just got three MPs and 23 MLAs. The dissidence is raising its head now. MP Kesineni Nani has already raised a banner of revolt and has gone vocal publicly. There are reports that few more MLAs are going to rebel. They are unhappy with Chandrababu's ways and want a change in the party leadership. They want the Nandamuri family to take over the reins of the party. They strongly feel that Lokesh does not have the verve or the ability to lead the party and want Junior NTR to take charge. Several 'well-wishers' like RGV are already tweeting.

To add to the woes, even the BJP is trying to wean away TDP MLAs. The BJP made a sensational statement saying MP Kesineni Nani is in touch with it. This has left the TDP completely unnerved. Chandrababu is now making frantic efforts to mollify the disgruntled leaders. So, are these the early signs of a brewing August crisis for the party.