Avinash Skips CBI Questioning At Neck Of the Moment Again!

Fri May 19 2023 13:02:01 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

We are seeing a lot of twists and turns in Kadapa MP YS Avinash Reddy's questioning session in connection with Vivekananda Reddy's murder case. He was supposed to appear before the investigation agency Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI) on the 16th of this month. However, he sought more time from the officers giving pre-planned activities as a reason.

The CBI officers accepted his letter and said that he can appear before them on the 19th of this month which is today. All eyes were on this day to see what information the officers can derive from the MP in connection with the case.

But Avinash Reddy brought a new twist and said that he cannot attend the questioning today and had written to the officers saying that her mother is doing well. On his way to Hyderabad, he is said to have received a phone call about his mother and returned home. Kadapa MP is said to have informed the CBI officers about this.

As per the media reports, Avinash Reddy's mother Sri Lakshmi fell ill and was taken to the nearby hospital. Avinash Reddy was informed about this and he returned home. Following this, Avinash Reddy is said to have written to the CBI officers informing them about the situation and telling them that he cannot appear before them.

Avinash Reddy's lawyers reached the CBI office in Hyderabad to give them information about the MP's condition in writing. Saying that the MP was on his way to Hyderabad to attend the questioning and he was informed about his mother's condition and following this he returned to his town.

Though his mother is said to have fallen ill, this is the second consecutive time Avinash Reddy skipped the CBI questioning in connection with the case. At the neck of the moment, Avinash Reddy skipped this.

Avinash Reddy is one of the accused in the case and he was earlier grilled by the investigating agencies a few times. The officers grilling him regularly is raising many eyeballs. Earlier, his father and his aide were arrested by the investigating officers.  His anticipatory bail petition will be heard in June.