Jayaprada Booked For 'X-Ray Like Eyes' Jibe

Mon Apr 22 2019 19:22:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

Politicians have been resorting to sexist remarks against their opponents during the elections season to gain an upper hand. Recently, Rampur SP Candidate Azam Khan stirred a controversy by claiming he came to know about Jayaprada's saffron underwear within just 17 days. Following which, He was barred from campaigning for 72 hours by the Election Commission.

As a result, Azam Khan's Son Abdullah took the responsibility to target Jayaprada. Without mentioning the name of the Actress, He told: 'People of Rampur want Ali and Bajrangbali, not Anarkali'.

Jayaprada told she had always treated Abdullah like her son and never expected such comments from an educated person like him. 'Like Father Like Son. Azam Khan is mentally unstable. They are doing this to make me run away but I won't do that. People of Rampur love Me, that's why BJP asked Me to contest from here,' she quips.

Even Jayaprada made a sexist remark this time - 'Considering the comments Azam Khan made against Me, Mayawati need to this think how his X-Ray Like Eyes will scan her'.

Jayaprada was booked under Section 171G of the Indian Penal Code for making such an objectionable comment. People who sympathised with her after Azam Khan's remark has now every reason to feel upset.