BBC anchor stuns viewers by reading news wearing knickers

Sat Jun 05 2021 12:09:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

Remember  Telugu blockbuster "oohalu Gusagusalade?" Those who watched the movie can never forget Posani Krishnaurali anchoring a TV show in shorts. He proudly claims that what audience get watch is just the bust, so what we wear down below is of no consequence. It's almost a repeat of the same scene on BBC on Friday.

BBC news anchor Shaun Ley sported a short and read the news on the BBC. He sported this less-than-formal dress due to the oppressive heat. He wore a coat and tie and read the news. This could have gone unnoticed but for the gaffe by the cameraperson who panned the camera for a wide-angle shot. This exposed the bare legs of the anchor. A reader managed to click this and uploaded it on the social media. This soon went viral and people went into a tizzy discussing Ley's wrong dress.

"Is BBC news reader Shaun Ley keeping his cool by wearing shorts? And if so, were viewers meant to find out? #bbcnews— Massimo Pini (@massimopini) June 1, 2021,"  a . netizen asked. The BBC has not yet responded to this gaffe.