BC leaders upset over entry of LV Ramana into TRS

Tue Jun 08 2021 16:40:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

When Eatala-TRS tiff started, several BC leaders in the TRS felt that their time has come. They expected to be pampered by the party leadership and thought one of them would get a ministerial post. But, they did not expect KCR to push the case of LV Ramana. This has come as a shock for the TRS BC leaders.

Eatala's main political card is the BC card. He has been claiming that the BCS were being given a raw deal in the TRS. It was only expected that he would make use of the BC factor. So, the BC leaders expected that their importance will grow once Eatala leaves the party. But, out of the blue, KCR pulled out the LV Ramana card.

The BC leaders are speaking in hushed tones as to how the political career of LV Ramana is all but finished. Ramana did not contest the 2018 assembly elections of 2019 the lok sabha  elections. The last election he contested was the Graduate MLC elections, in which he had lost the security deposit. Why should such defunct leader be resurrected and brought to the centre-stage, ask the BC leaders.

However, they cannot raise their voice in TRS. They are only hoping that the LV Ramana experiment fails in the TRS and their importance grows in the party.  Some BC leaders, who are already enjoying ministries and other corporation posts,  are not worried about the entry of LV Ramana. But for the others, this is a big setback.