BCCI Exploring More Options On IPL

Fri Jun 05 2020 12:51:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

With the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) got suspended by the BCCI and there is no further information on the tournament the BCCI is looking at all the other ways in the tournament.

In has been widely reported that the BCCI is thinking to hold the IPL tournament outside India this year as the situations and conditions in India are not favorable.

Adding fuel to these speculations BCCI Treasurer who recently gave an interview to a national channel in which he said that they will not hesitate to conduct the tournament outside India too as they are thinking about the safety of the players.

However, it is not new for BCCI to conduct the tournament outside India. In two instances 2009 and 2014 IPL was conducted outside India. While the entire tournament in 2009 was conducted in South Africa a part of the tournament was held in UAE in 2014.

As many nations across the globe are suffering from the pandemic its will be very tuff for the BCCI to pick a nation to conduct the tournament.