BJP Can't Grow On Borrowed Strength

Mon Jul 15 2019 18:09:47 GMT+0530 (IST)

Those who get just less than one per cent vote usually wallow, wail and wow to improve. But, with BJP it's different. It got only 0.80 per cent vote, but is talking of becoming an alternative to the YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh and is oozing confidence that it would come to power sooner than later.

There is nothing wrong in thinking of growing into an alternative to the YSRCP especially after the TDP has shrunk to just 23 MLA seats. But, growth has to be organic. The party seems to be backing on defections from other parties to grow. That's funny. No party can ever grow stronger only through defections that too from one party.  Those who fly in can also fly out. Those who defect from other parties, can defect from the BjP too.

If the BJP is truly interested in growing, it has to focus on increasing the allocations for Andhra Pradesh. What they have allocated is pittance and this will not work. Instead of focusing on that, the BjP is focusing on membership drive. The fact is though the BjP has considerable membership in the state, it could not get even one tenth of votes from its members. The only way it can get votes is by allocating sufficient funds to AP.

It is funny to see that even BJP's membership incharge and former CM of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chouhan talking about more defections from other parties.

The party should realise that those who are unwanted and useless in the TDP are joining the BJP. They cannot be the strength of the party. If the BJP thinks it can become strong through defections, it is totally mistaken. It is time the party should focus more on doing something concrete for the BJP rather than depending on fair-weather friends.