BJP Dilemma Over Huzurnagar Bypoll

Fri Sep 27 2019 10:20:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

A strong section in the BJP feels that the party should not contest the Huzurnagar byelection. It feels that the party does not stand a chance in the largely bi-polar election where the Congress and the ruling TRS are vying with one another. Even surveys conducted by the TRS bosses showed that the BJP would only get 2.25 per cent votes. This dismal performance would affect the party's prospects in the upcoming municipal elections, a big section of the BJP feels. They are arguing that Huzurnagar debacle will also affect the joinings into the party.

"Now, many TDP and Congress leaders are queuing up to join the BJP. Many TRS workers are also increasingly veering towards the BJP. If we fail in Huzurnagar, they will all defer their joining of the party. This will affect the party in the long run," said a senior party leader who wants that the BJP should not contest from Huzurnagar assembly constituency.

Further, they believe that if the BJP contests the election, it will only benefit the ruling TRS. Instead, the BJP should stay out of this and focus on the municipal elections, where it stands better chances of performing well. However, the influential coterie in the party appears determined to help the TRS. They have initially decided to field Sri Kala Reddy, whose dad was a Congress MP and husband a former BSP MP. But, she opted out of the contest at the last moment citing family issues. Now, the BJP has finally zeroed in on Kota Rama Rao, a young leader of the party. He is likely to file his papers soon.