BJP Gets More Votes And Less Seats In GHMC

Sat Dec 05 2020 10:13:30 GMT+0530 (IST)

It's now official. The BJP has got most votes in the GHMC and though it got 55 seats, the TRS actually polled less number of votes.  When the last vote was counted, the BJP polled 12,13,900 votes, while TRS got 11,89,250 votes.

The BJP, which got just 3.46,253 votes in the 2016 GHMC polls, has not got three-and-a-half-times more votes. Thus, the BJP zoomed from 10.43 per cent in 2016 to 31.43 per cent. While the TRS lost 2.79 lakh votes over 2016. The TRS which got 43.85 per cent in 2016, lost 13.06 per cent.  Thus, the BJP polled 31.43 percent while the TRS got 30.79 per cent.

The Congress, which got 10.40 per cent in 2016, has now got just 5.95 per cent. The TDP, which had got 10.34 per cent votes in 2016, now got just 1.29 per cent. All its candidates had lost their security deposit. The worst performers are the Left Parties. Along with the TJS, the CPI and the CPM have polled less number of votes than the NOTA.  All the 500 independents who contested, had lost their security deposits.