BJP IT Network Surprises TRS In Dubbak

Thu Oct 29 2020 10:16:32 GMT+0530 (IST)

The ruling TRS is worried about the aggressive social media campaign that the BjP cadres are undertaking these days. Though the current focus is on Dubbak bypolls, the TRS feels that the BJP social media campaign has a larger goal which has long-term implications. The target of the BJP is 2023, the TRS feels.

The BJP  has used its social media volunteers in a big way in Dubbak bypoll. Though the rural voters of Dubbak may not be net savvy, some of the messages transmitted by the BjP have gone viral on various platforms. Also, they reacted very quickly to blunt the attack on BJP candidate Raghunandan Rao in the cash seizure case. By quickly posting the counter videos, they have managed to put the TRS on the mat. Finally, they ensured that it was Raghunandan Rao who got more mileage from the whole episode. While how it will impact the Dubbak outcome is debatable, it has shown that the BJP social media is better placed than the TRS machinery.

It has also managed to get national attention for the Dubbak incident and made leaders like Amit Shah and BL Santosh enquire about it. The Election Commission too has appointed a special observer for the bypoll, which in itself is a major achievement for the BJP.

It is because of this that KTR had targeted the BJP social media machinery. The otherday, he ridiculed BJP cadres as being students of 'Whatsapp University.' He said that the TRS can reply to the BJP machinery in the same language.