Hyderabad To Become A Union Territory?

Mon Oct 28 2019 16:10:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

Seeing the majority of the TRS party, opposition parties are trying to pull down the TRS party. The fresh rumors spread that the Central government wants to make Hyderabad a Union Territory.

In the general elections, TRS party won with a triumphing majority in assembly elections, after BJP getting 4 MP seats in the elections, BJP thaught that they have some scope in Telangana, but after seeing the Huzur Nagar results all the opposition parties were in shock, TRS candidate Saidi Reddy won with a huge majority, BJP could not get the deposit.

Hyderabad is considered as the heart of Telangana and 80 percent of the income is generated in Hyderabad. The central government wants to make Hyderabad a Union Territory because it can control the TRS government from the centre.

The main aim of the BJP is to crush the TRS in the state and want to grow, for this purpose only the BJP senior leaders came out with the proposal of making Hyderabad a Union Territory.