BJP MLA Raja Singh offers to resign

Mon Aug 02 2021 16:53:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

Demands for implementation and extension of Dalit Bandhu scheme are growing from every constitutency. Several MLAs are offering to resign if the Dalit Bandhu scheme is implemented in their constituency too. Now, Goshamahal MLA Raja Singh announced that he would resign as an MLA and wanted the Government to implement the scheme.

He said that there is a growing clamour from the people of his constituency that if there is a byelection, the State government will implement the scheme in his constituency too and that every dalit family would get Rs 10 lakh  He said that the people of several other constituencies are demanding that the Dalit Bandhu be implemented in their respective constituencies as it would benefit the Dalits. He said that the scheme is being implemented in Huzurabad only with an eye on the election.

Slamming the TRS decision to implement the scheme only in Huzurabad and not in other constituencies, he said that the government was thinking only of the elections and on how to mislead the voters. He said the malafide intentions of the government stand fully exposed. He said the scheme would become defunct once the elections are over. He said this was nothing but bribing the voters using official channels and resources.