BJP MP Sensational Comments on Polavaram Project

Wed Dec 11 2019 11:48:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

The BJP Rajya Sabha Member GLV Narasimha Rao who often makes sensational statements came up with yet another statement. He said the Polavaram project should be renamed as the Pradhanamantri Polavaram project.

The reason he gave for this is the Union government is taking care of all the expenses of the project and in-return no credit is given to them.

The Rajya Sabha has debated on the national irrigation projects across the country and he was given a chance to talk about the Polavaram project. While talking on the project, he said the attitude of the state's government is responsible for the delay in the project.

"So far the union government has handed over Rs 6,764 crore to the state government for its construction. Recently the Ministry of Finance has cleared another Rs 1850 crore for Polavaram. But regarding the accounts, the state government failed to provide the budget details that were done before 2014. I urge this house and government to look into this angle and find a solution immediately. This will make the centre to release more funds for the project and the construction also gets speed up," the MP said.

It's interesting to know how the AP government responds to these comments.