BJP's Operation Rajya Sabha: Saffrons To Lure More Congress MPs

Thu Oct 17 2019 12:34:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

The BJP is all set to cross the final hurdle. It's going to overcome the Rajya Sabha hurdle. It has stupendous majority in the Lok Sabha and can get any bill passed quite effortlessly. In the Rajya Sabha, it does not have a complete majority. Yet, it could get bills on Article 370 passed with the help of friendly parties. But, on issues like Uniform Civil Code and Ayodhya cannot count on the support of other parties. So, the BJP has begun merging parties into it. The TDP Rajya Sabha group has merged into the BJP and other smaller parties have also joined the BJP. Now, the BJP is luring Congress Rajya Sabha MPs, whose term is about to expire. They are resigning from their posts. This will reduce not just the Congress numbers but also reduce the overall majority needed to get the bills passed. Highly placed sources said that more Congress MPs could resign ahead of the winter session of Parliament. This will make things further easy for ruling BJP. These MPs will later join the BJP and get re-elected to Rajya Sabha.

As of now, the BJP has 106 MPs out of a total of 243 seats. This is a good 16 seats short of the simple majority. The BJP is currently managing with 11 AIADMK and 5 BJD MPs. In addition, it also has the backing of YSRCP and the TRS when needed. But, this support is based on the merits of the issue involved. Even if eight Congress Rajya Sabha MPs resign, the BJP would get a simple majority on its own as the total number of the MPs will come down to 235. Highly placed sources say that if the BJP can get these MPs to resign, then it becomes easy to split the emaciated and weakened Congress Party.