BJP Prepares Micro-Strategy For Nagarjunasagar

Wed Apr 07 2021 11:49:32 GMT+0530 (IST)

The BJP appears to have shed its diffidence on Nagarjunasagar and seems to have decided to commit itself to a wholehearted and full-blooded fight. The party has now decided to deploy its star campaigners, including national leaders to the Nagarjunasagar campaign.

The party core team which met on Tuesday for over three hours, decided to hold small, booth and village level meetings instead of big public meetings. Also, the leaders will be touring the interior areas to campaign for the party. This time around, state-level leaders would be given the responsibility of coordinating with the Shakti Kendras, which is a group of five polling booths. The state leaders would be required to stay in Nagarjunasagar and work with the local karyakarthas. On Wednesday, the party core strategy team will decide on the star campaigners who would work in Nagarjunasagar.

The BJP has also managed to bring round Nivedita Reddy, who is unhappy with the party giving ticket to Ravi Naik. Nivedita and her husband Sridhar Reddy have already joined the campaign and this will boost the party's prospects, the strategy team feels.