BJP Raises Protocol Issue, Attacks KTR

Tue Jan 12 2021 09:05:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

Elected new corporators of the BJP are turning out to a source of torment for the ruling TRS in the GHMC area. On Monday alone, as many as four newly-elected corporators have raised the issue of protocol and questioned no less a person than KTR as to why the old corporators, who were defeated at the elections, were being invited on to the stage, while the newly elected and popular BJP corporators were not invited.

With KCR choosing to invite the defeated corporators and not the newly-victorious BJP corporators, the BJP workers are taking to agitational path. On Monday alone, they questioned the TRS leaders in Domalguda and Ramnagar, where new works were launched. In Narayanguda, Union Minister Kishan Reddy himself questioned Municipal Commissioner Lokesh as to why he was not being invited to official programmes. The officials gave some lame excuses, at which Kishan Reddy grew more angry.

The officials say that that they are finding themselves between the devil and the deep sea. If they invite the opposition corporators, they will invite the wrath of KTR. If they don't, the BjP is making a big issue of this.