BJP, TRS has time for Flexi War, not for fulfilling Promises?

Wed Jun 29 2022 17:31:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

The intense war between Bharatiya Janata Party and Telangana Rashtra Samithi, which are ruling at the Centre and Telangana needs no introduction. The fight escalated with TRS chief and Chief Minister KCR intensifying his efforts to enter national politics to bring an alternative force to the BJP and Congress at the Centre.

On many occasions, we say both parties locking horns with each other. Mainly, the TRS is blasting the BJP over its policy of selling national assets. IT Minister KTR is guiding the war from the TRS toward the central government led by the BJP.

With the BJP gearing up for the much-awaited party meeting which will happen next month, we are getting to see the fight between the two parties. As the BJP is targeting the TRS over the KCR ruling, TRS is hitting back at the BJP by highlighting the promises made by Narendra Modi.

The flexes targeting Narendra Modi "Saalu Modi…Sampaku Modi" has the mentions of the wrong decisions taken by the BJP government like lockdown, demonetization, and selling the LIC. It has to be mentioned here that the TRS shocked BJP by making sure that it won't leave any space for the saffron party to give ads.

This is not the first time that both parties had indulged in a Flexi war. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Hyderabad to unveil the statue of equality, the TRS party had erected flexis throughout the way questioning the union government about the alleged discrimination towards the state. The flexis asked as many as 17 questions.

Both TRS and BJP made many promises they failed to fulfill. Rather than trying to fulfill the promises, both parties are attacking each other. TRS promised to waive all farm loans, while a p[ortion of plans are yet to be waived. Providing government jobs is one of the key promises that helped TRS.

People are looking at the developments and will show their power during the elections. As a point to be noted here, KCR's daughter Kavitha lost the MP elections from the Nizamabad constituency for failing to bet up a Pasuspu board.