BJP's Union Cabinet Minister's Assets Increase Massively!

Wed Aug 17 2022 18:07:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

Every party has its own ideology. If we talk about the saffron party Bharatiya Janata Party, being against dynasty politics and fighting against black money and inappropriate assets are the key areas. It has to be mentioned here that, the campaign on fighting against black money played a big role in the 2014 polls.

However, the party leaders are facing the heat as their assets increased. Forget about others, Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has no one as his heir also saw his assets increasing as per the recent affidavit submitted by him to the Parliament.

Someone like Kishan Reddy also mentioned that his assets increased. In one year, Kishan Reddy's assets increased by around Rs 4 crores. His recent affidavit said that his assets' worth increased.

Going by the election affidavit, assets owned by Kishan Reddy's family members stood at Rs 22.54 crores while the debts are at Rs 1.59 crores. Compared to the previous year, the assets owned by Kishan Reddy's family rose by around Rs 4.34 crores.

Needless to say, the affidavit brought a big debate on how the assets increased in just one year. While the party leadership is endorsing fighting dynasty politics and inappropriate assets, how the assets of the Union Cabinet Minister increased in one year ask many.

 Kishan Reddy's Wife Kavya has the highest assets worth Rs 12.83 crores followed by his daughter Vaishnavi, the Minister himself, and his son Tanmay.