BJP Wants To Score Big By Making Superstar a Governor?

Thu Aug 18 2022 18:51:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

The saffron party BJP has taken the upcoming Lok Sabha polls prestigiously. By winning the polls, the party wants to become the only party to form the government thrice in a row besides Congress. Congress has done this before and the BJP wants to repeat the historic fear.

To increase the winning chances, it is putting more focus on the regions where it can push its limits. To get stronger in the south as well, the party has been exploring various options. As one such thing, the party is said to be in plans to make a Superstar Governor of the state.

Media reports are abuzz that BJP wants to make Superstar Rajinikanth Governor of any state. Talks are underway and if everything goes well we might hear the big news. Moreover, Prime Minister and Rajinikanth share a good bonding.

On the flip side, Rajinikanth is a staunch believer in god. Though he is working in Dravida land, Rajinikanth won"t shy away from displaying his belief in god. This nature makes Rajinikanth a good friend of the saffron party.

The new news took everyone by surprise and people are waiting to see if this happens or not. It has to be mentioned here that, earlier there are reports which say BJP might join hands with Rajinikanth before the general polls. However, he decided to not venture into politics.