BJP Warns Its Leaders To Not Focus on Films?

Wed Jan 18 2023 19:04:54 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Compared to earlier the scrutiny on moves became harsh nowadays. A few films were impacted by this. The Boycott trend hit the Bollywood industry very hard that it is unable to come out of the drought. When south films are doing wonders with Pan-India, Bollywood is struggling.

As if that was not enough films are being targeted on the grounds of allegedly hurting the sentiments. Shah Rukh Khan's Pathaan is one such film. The colour of the Bikini in the Besharam Rang created a big stir. The Right-wing slammed the makers and demanded that the film should be boycotted.

Not just common people even the legislators of the Bharatiya Janata Party also supported the criticism. The Home Minister of a state said that Pathaan should be banned in the state. The ruling party showing too much interest in films is not sending the right message.

The BJP leadership is said to have took note of it and urged the leaders to not make unwanted comments on films. At a crucial meeting attended by big leaders like Narendra Modi, the leaders were reportedly warned by the leadership.

The leadership is believed to have opined that leaders focusing on films would bring a big image for the party which is not good. As the Lok Sabha polls are a year ahead such issues might backfire at the party and warned leaders to not do that.

Everyone knows how BJP supporting The Kashmir Files became a big issue. Many dubbed the film a propaganda one as the ruling party wants to push its narrative through the film.