BJP Won 28 Divisions In Nizamabad But Sits In Opposition

Mon Jan 27 2020 14:31:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

The people of Nizamabad gave a unique verdict, out of 60 divisions, BJP won 28 divisions, TRS won 13 divisions, MIM won 16 divisions, Congress won 2 divisions and an independent candidate won one division.

Neither of the parties got the magic figure 34. The MIM party said it will support TRS and the strength increased to 29, now the TRS party need 5 more to claim the majority. The Congress and the independent candidate came forward and said they will support TRS, now the count increased to 31 and now TRS need 3 more to reach the magic figure. The six Ex-Officio members said that they will support the TRS party. As we said earlier the magic figure including the Ex-officio members should cross 34 and now the TRS has 37 seats out of 60 divisions. The people of Nizamabad have a unique verdict in the recent Municipal elections.