BJP, Cong puncture TRS pride

Sat May 25 2019 19:37:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

After it’s humungous success, which nearly emaciated both the national parties –The BJP and the Congress, the TRS became smug and complacent. It felt the Lok Sabha polls would be a mere cakewalk as the two parties are thoroughly demoralised and dispirited. But, as the campaign went ahead, it became clear that both the national parties were no pushovers. When the votes were counted, KCR was in for a shock. Both the BJP and the Congress together had won seven seats and reduced the ruling TRS to a mere nine seats, a far cry from the claimed 16 seats. Not only did the BJP win convincingly, it has also punctured the TRS invincibility story by defeating two of KCR’s closest relatives. His close relative Vinod was trounced by a commoner, while his daughter Kavitha was badly mauled by another green-horn. What more, the BJP got a very impressive 19 per cent votes this time from Telangana.

The Congress too won three seats, though with less spectacular margins.  After a series of debacles, Uttam Kumar Reddy finally won three seats for the Congress. He said the party should have won six seats, but lost them due to its own mistakes. Both the BJP and the Congress are now saying that they would surely breach the seemingly impregnable citadel of Telangana and wrest it from the TRS. Both are now staking claim for the No.2 position, but it all depends on their future political moves, agitational plants and poll strategies.