BJP corporators in GHMC caught in a cleft-stick

Sat Sep 11 2021 14:12:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

The BJP corporators of the GHMC are facing a strange situation these days. The people are angry with the flooding and inundation of colonies in the GHMC area. They are not saying a word about the TRS corporators, who are not visiting the affected areas. But, when the BJP corporators visit such areas, they are getting an earful.

Their problem is that they had resorted to agitations over the urban flooding in the GHMC area. They had criticised the ruling TRS. Several of those who spearheaded the agitation were later elected as corporators from the BJP. Now there is flooding again and these corporators do not know what to do. They cannot visit the flood affected areas as the people would take them to task. They cannot either slam the TRS as they are now corporators. Some of the corporators who dared to venture into the flood hit areas, were greeted with protests.

The BJP has 47 corporators in the GHMC. Though they have been elected several months ago, they do not have much credit to claim. They are limited to making statements and nothing else. Another problem they are facing is that the TRS activists are inciting the people to ask them about getting central funds. Unable to reply to these questions, the BJP corporators are avoiding visiting the affected colonies.

Another big problem has been the total non-cooperative attitude of the officials and IAS officials in the GHMC. The BJP corporators are hitting a roadblock on several issues. Their pleas are falling on deaf ears. The BJP corporators are thus caught in a cleft stick like situation.