BJP's double standards on Vizag lands and Capital lands

Wed Jun 29 2022 13:17:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

The BJP in Andhra Pradesh clearly is suffering a crisis of confidence. The people of the state simply are not believing what the BJP is saying. The chief criticism is that it has divergent views on the capital lands and the Vizag steel plant lands. This is further alienating the party from the people of the state.

The BJP is tight-lipped on the issue of the alienation of the VSP lands.  The party is tacitly supporting the selling away of the VSP properties. But, the same BJP is showing great interest in trying to protect the capital region lands. The BJP, which did not so far speak on the issue of capital lands all these years, has suddenly become vocal on protecting capital lands.

The ruling YSRCP wants to sell off the capital lands to mop up revenues to fund its pension schemes. But, the BJP is strongly opposing this. Interestingly, the BJP had never talked about the capital lands in the past. The BJP did not even make an issue when the capital lands were being forcibly acquired in the name of land-pooling. Yet the party is now talking about it.

Interestingly, the party is adopting a different approach when it comes to the Vizag Steel Plant lands. The party is remaining silent on the issue and is tacitly supporting the selling off of the lands to private buyers. Social activists are questioning the double standards of the BJP and its state president Somu Veerraju on their double standards.