BJP in Plans to Bring More States due to High Population?

Sat Jun 25 2022 16:03:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

After coming to power, the saffron party Bharatiya Janata Party went on a spree of renaming a few cities and places. Mainly, the BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh renamed the places. Now the BJP is reportedly gearing up to do the unexpected and a BJP Minister stunned everyone by talking about the alleged BJP's plan.

Karnataka Cabinet Minister Umesh Katti took everyone by surprise by alleging that there is a possibility that the number of states in the country would go up to 50 and the work is underway. Post the 2024 Lok Sabha polls, the work might start.

Speaking to the media persons, the Minister who holds food, civil supplies, and consumer affairs portfolios alleged that he got to know about the plan from sources that after the Lok Sabha elections, more states will come into effect and even Karnataka will be made into two states and he urged everyone that everyone should fight for North Karnataka.

The reason he mentioned behind the idea to have more states is the rising population in India. Highlighting the rapid growth of population in India, the Minister alleged that more states will be brought.

One wonders why India's population became a big issue all of a sudden. India has the biggest young population in the world and other big populated nations China are also not a competition to India in the youth population. If the population is in the right channel, then India can see youths working in various fields.

If the youth population is invested in health, technical and educational fields then it will do wonders for the country as the economy will be boosted. India has a golden chance compared to other nations as far as the youth population is concerned. Rather than focusing on using the resources, India reportedly wanted to bring more states to deal with the high population.

It is strange that the saffron party reportedly wants to take the state's count in the country to 50 from the existing 29. Reacting to the comments made by the saffron party Minister, the opposition party leaders are bashing the Union government on the alleged plan.