BJP is doing well everywhere except this place

Sun Feb 28 2021 17:52:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

While the BJP fortunes are on the upswing in many places across Telangana, there is one place where the party is facing huge crisis. The place is Bhainsa, where the party has huge popular support. There are deep differences between the corporators and the floor leader of the party in the municipality. The floor leader is also upset that the town BJP president and the District BJP president are not helping him in any which way.

The party has 9 councillors in the 26 member council. Two BJP supporters have won as independents. But, the problem is the BJP has contested only 13 seats when a party needs at least 14 seats to get its chairperson candidate elected. As a result, the BJP was not in the reckoning even before the polls.

Kapil Shinde, who was elected the BjP floor leader is now being accused by the remaining councillors that he is in cahoots with the TRS, which is in power in the municipality. Shinde has been accusing that the councillors were not supporting him. He is also blaming the town and district presidents of the party for not helping him. He says that they are encouraging the remaining councillors to range against him.

Protesting against the non-cooperation by party councillors, he resigned his post on Saturday. The councillors say that he is hand in glove with the TRS and is helping the TRS by not asking any inconvenient questions.