BJP leader wants Rs 100 per selfie

Mon Jul 19 2021 11:45:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

A BJP leader and minister from Madhya Pradesh kicked up a controversy when she demanded Rs 100 fora allowing people to take selfies with her. The minister said that those who want to take selfies with her must deposit Rs 100 in the local party office. Then only, they would be allowed to take selfies with her.

The minister, identified as Usha Thacker holds the responsibility of department of cultural affairs in Madhya Pradesh. Speaking at a function in Khandwa, she said a lot of her time was being wasted in taking selfies. This time could be used for productive purposes. She said. Hence she has decided that only those who deposit Rs 100 with the local BJP unit would be allowed to take selfies with her. She said the money so collected would be used as party fund.

The minister's comments have now kicked up a controversy with the opposition saying that the minister was making an earning out of the people's admiration for her. They said this would set a wrong precedent. They demanded that the minister apologise for her statement.

Interestingly, the minister is also known not to encourage garlands and bouquets. She has several times requested the people not to bring garlands and bouquets. She says that Goddess Lakshmi devi resides in the flowers. Hence, they should be offered only to the Lord and no one else. Offering flowers to mortals is an insult, she said.

The minister, who comes from the RSS background, has said in the past that instead of flowers and bouquets , the people could gift her with books. Interestingly, in 2015 Usha Thacker's colleague Kunwar Vijay Shah too demanded money for taking selfies with him.