BJP now goes into attack mode on Shiv Sena

Sat Nov 09 2019 09:33:39 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The BJP is now moving slowly but surely to isolate and weaken its friend-turned-foe Shiv Sena. It has signalled that it is preparing to go the whole hog against the Shiv Sena. Soon after resigning as the CM, Devendra Fadnavis trained his guns on Shiv Sena and launched a fierce attack.  Fadnavis' attack showed that the BJP is no longer interested in courting Shiv Sena and that it is ready to sit in the Opposition.

Now, Shiv Sena will be forced to join hands with both the Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party. Both the parties are playing hardball and are leaving with fewer options for Shiv Sena. The Thackerays will now have to pander to these two parties and accept all their conditions. Thus, despite being in power, the Shiv Sena would be at its weakest.

As of now, both the Congress and the NCP are keeping their cards close to their chest. Similarly, the BJP would prefer to wait and watch the drama unfold. It is looking at a situation like the one in Karnataka to play out.  Like Janata Dal, Shiv Sena too has limited regional appeal. It is popular in Mumbai and Konkan region only and has little presence in Marathwada, Pune, Khandesh and Vidarbha regions. Meanwhile, Fadnavis will take out a long tour of Maharashtra to expose Shiv Sena's 'betrayal' and hunger for power. So, Shiv Sena’s finest hour may well be its worst time.