BJP to Gift CM Post to Senior Leader for His loyalty?

Thu Jun 23 2022 18:42:26 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Internal fights are not new for Maharashtra-based Shiv Sena as it saw many leaders turning against the party since its inception. But the Hindutva party is going through the biggest crisis and the experts say that the party might lose its power and Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray might have to resign from his Chief Minister post.

On the other hand, the early trends say that the BJP which is believed to have played a big role in the Maha crisis is reportedly busy making efforts on forming the next government, and the candidates who would take up the big position were finalized allegedly.

In the wake of the ongoing crisis, posters were erected across Maharashtra's Aurangabad saying that BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis would be the Chief Minister. These posters are grabbing the attention of everyone.

If we have to pick up anything from the reports, Shiv Sena's rebel leader Eknath Shinde is likely to get the Deputy Chief Minister post after the government is formed by the BJP. It is said that Eknath Shinde reportedly agreed to ally with the saffron party.

Devendra Fadnavis, a BJP leader was made the Chief Minister. However, the saffron party had to dissolve its government due to a no-confidence row. Despite this, Devendra Fadnavis stayed with the saffron party and did not switch sides.

As a return gift for his loyalty, Devendra Fadnavis is likely to be made the Chief Minister and Shinde might get the deputy. Shinde reportedly has over 40 MLAs support and BJP has 106 MLAs. It requires 144 MLAs to form the government.