BRS And JD(S) Have Good Clarity On Karnataka Elections?

Fri Oct 07 2022 17:13:09 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The back-to-back tours of Chief Minister KCR to meet like-minded leaders worked for him as the former Chief Minister of the neighboring state decided to support him. He was even present in Hyderabad when KCR announced that TRS's name is now changed to BRS so that the party can focus on national politics.

The leader is none other than H D Kumaraswamy, the former Chief Minister of Karnataka. It is known that the party will become the national party only when it has a good presence in a few states.

Karnataka has a good Telugu population and it was earlier predicted that BRS might try its luck in the state. If this happens, then both BRS and JD(S) will get affected as there is a chance of votes getting split.

It looks like both parties have an agreement on running the polls. Former Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy reportedly said that BRS will not run the polls in Karnataka. He reportedly said the same speaking to a popular media outlet.

"They (BRS) will not contest the Assembly polls, by going with them, we want to join hands in their fight aimed at finding a permanent solution to issues faced by farmers, dalits and other weaker sections. Rather than building an alternative force against the party in power at the Centre (BJP) it is to find solutions to the issues faced by the nation," the former Chief Minister was quoted by the media outlets.

The main issue that affects the political parties in the alliance is the planning about the seat sharing and in which states the party should run the polls. Going by the comments of the former Chief Minister it appears like both parties have a strong agreement on this which is a good thing.

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