BRS Supports YCP.. What's Happening?

Mon Jan 30 2023 19:50:30 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

KCR floated BRS with his anger against BJP. BRS is feeling that YSRCP is like a friend to BJP and that is the reason why KCR is not inviting Jagan to any event. Despite inviting other Chief Ministers to gather support for national politics, KCR ignored Jagan. But the circles of BRS and YSRCP are saying that both Chief Ministers have good ties.

KCR expanded his BRS in Andhra Pradesh. It is said that KCR is in plans to hold a massive event in Vizag. Amid this, there are a few doubts about whether BRS would seek the help of the ruling party in Andhra Pradesh which is having friendly ties with the BJP.

Amid this, an interesting thing happened in Parliament today. YSRCP and BRS took part in the all-party meeting held by the Union government ahead of the Parliament sessions. YCP listed the demands his party has. Parties like BRS, BJD, and Trinamool Congress supported the demands interestingly. KCR's party supporting Jagan's party became a highlight.

YCP MP Vijaya Sai Reddy requested the Centre to give consent for the Women's reservation bill. Interestingly BRS MPs supported the demand raised by YCP. With two other parties supporting the demand, the Centre is taking the required measures.

YCP also raised a demand that a caste census should be conducted based on social and financial backgrounds. YCP said that based on the BC social data the beneficiaries can be given welfare schemes. YCP MP said that farmers' issues are also raised.

At the national level as well BRS is standing in solidarity with YCP. We have to wait and see where this leads to.