BRS Vs BJP: Poster Depicts Modi As Ravana With 10 Heads!

Sat Mar 11 2023 17:11:32 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

It is known that BRS and BJP are locking horns for quite some time. Whenever there is an opportunity, the parties target the other. We see a flexe attack often between them. On many issues, we say an intense battle. During the paddy procurement row, the battle was evident.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Hyderabad to unveil the statue of Equality, TRS leaders put up posters and flexes asking why the Centre is not helping the state. The posters even said Modis is looting the nation. BJP supporters set up counter-flexes and said the KCR family is looting the state.

The Delhi liquor scam is sending shackles and Chief Minister KCR's daughter KCR is being grilled by the ED. The BRS is alleging that to settle the political scores the Centre is misusing the central agencies. On top of this, Union Home Minister Amit Shah is coming to Hyderabad.

Amid this, BRS caught everyone's attention by setting up a massive poster of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Depicting Modi as Demon King Ravana, the poster calls the central agencies ED, CBI, IT, EC, NIA, and others as his nine heads. Though there is no mention of who set up the poster, it is predicted that BRS set it up.

The poster calls Prime Minister Narendra Modi the "Destroyer of Democracy and Grandfather of Hypocrisy". We can see Modi holding India. It appears that the poster wants to say, Narendra Modi as Ravana is troubling the whole nation. As the flex was set up in the busy area, it is catching everyone's attention.

The BRS has been alleging that the Centre is misusing the central agencies. Be it Kavitha, IT Minister KTR, or other leaders, they ask the same, why the central agencies only go after the opposition party leaders and why no BJP leader faces raids or questioning from the agencies.

Adding intensity to the attack, the poster targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and depicting him as Ravana with ten heads appeared in Hyderabad, ahead of the visit of Union Home Minister Amit Shah. We have to wait and see what happens next.