Babu Mohan's Alleged Audio Call With BJP Worker Goes Viral!

Tue Feb 07 2023 17:56:00 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Veteran Tollywood actor Babu Mohan ventured into politics and served as the Cabinet Minister in Telugu Desam Party government in the combined state. After joining the TRS in the divided Telangana, the ex-Minister is now with the Bharatiya Janata Party in Telangana. He is in the news now with an alleged audio call of him with a person who is said to be a worker of the BJP.

Babu Mohan made some sensational comments in the alleged audio call. When a person who introduced himself as Venkataramana and works for the BJP and hails from Jogipeta called him asking for an opportunity to work with him, Babu Mohan reportedly made some objectionable comments.
Asking who are you, Babu Mohan reportedly asked what is your worth. Having said that Babu Mohan gave a warning to the person that he will thrash him with a chappal if he calls him back. The alleged audio call is now doing rounds.
As per the audio call, when the BJP activist took the name of T-BJP Chief Bandi Sanjay Kumar, Babu Mohan allegedly asked who is Bandi Sanjay and said that he is a big leader and the BJP invited him into the party. Adding a twist, he said he would leave the party if required.

The alleged audio call went viral at a time when the BJP is aiming for the next general elections and forming the government in the state. When the efforts are going on from one side, the audio clip went viral. His audio call increased the political heat in the state.

Of late we are hearing stories that things are not going well within the party and the leaders are suffering from internal issues. The latest issue added fuel to this. No one knows how the saffron party can win the elections if there are issues within the party.

Babu Mohan started his career with the Telugu Desam Party as he is a big fan of NTR. He represented Andone in the Assembly a few times and served as the Cabinet Minister in Chandrababu Naidu's cabinet. After the state bifurcation, he joined the TRS. Later he joined the BJP.