Back-to-back Gun firing incidents, where is US Heading?

Mon May 16 2022 11:33:11 GMT+0530 (IST)

The land of opportunities, the United States has been seeing a steady rise in firing incidents. Many are expressing their concerns over the rise in gun culture fearing that people might have fear for living as any one can get a gun. Though a bill was proposed to reduce the gun culture, it was withdrawn, given the ire of people.

Raising many doubts on the safety of the people, an intense gun firing incident was reported in the United States which left two people dead and three people sustaining big injuries.The issue has sent shocking waves as it was reported at a busy market area.

Tracing the details of the incident that create an uproar, the gun firing took place at the open-air market in Houston. After the incident, the cops seized two guns that are believed to have been used in the firing.

Giving an insight into what happened, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez maintained that the altercation between the two groups had escalated quickly into the firing leaving a few injured.

In a series of tweets, the Sheriff said that when people were busy doing their shopping at the market, the firing happened and maintained that the injured victims might have taken part in the violence that rocked the United States.

Ok the other hand, the investigation is going on to assertine the exact reason that triggered the violence. As the initial investigation reportedly says that the argument between the two groups might be the reason behind this, the investigation which is underway is going to come in handy in cracking the much-talked-about gun firing case.

In less than one month, we have heard the many incidents of gun violence in the nation. All these developments raise a question is where the nation is heading to.

While the United States grants freedom and liberty to the people, many say that too much of freedom might also be the reason for this as getting a gun in the United States bis very easy than getting groceries. It's high time the administration should take the issue seriously and start taking tough decisions to deal with it.