Media Placed Beeps Unnecessarily: Balayya

Sun Apr 22 2018 22:13:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

The speech of Nandamuri Balakrishna at Dharma Porata deeksha targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi invited the wrath of BJP Leaders and Activists. BJYM Activists had staged a protest in front of his residence in Jubilee Hills on Saturday night.

Balakrishna offered a clarification on the issue: 'I haven't used any unparliamentary words in My Speech. If you have any doubts, You could watch the video again...Media has placed beep sounds deliberately while telecasting it. Everyone present for the deeksha would agree with Me. You could watch the video repeatedly for clearing all the doubts. I just expressed the anguish and pain of people...I'm saying it again that abusive language hasn't be used at all'.

The Hindupur MLA welcomed the manner in which Industry has responded on the Casting Couch issue. 'There will be various types of Casting Managers. Good that it's been streamlined now. Bigwigs in the Industry have come under one platform and actively involving in the matter. There is a healthy atmosphere,' opined the Senior Actor.