Balakrishna Indirectly Warns Voters not to Commit Same Mistake?

Sat May 28 2022 17:37:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

The 2019 elections episode is a classic example of how strong election promises can impact the election outcome. Jagan's famous One Choice dialogue made the difference, and people who have been voting for the Telugu Desam Party voted for YSRCP. Even the strong vote bank of BCs also voted for the Jagan party.

The dialogue resulted in Telugu Desam Party registering its worst election result. Now TDP leader and Hindupur MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna spoke about the Okka Chance dialogue and urged voters in the state to have an insider thought while voting in the next polls.

Balakrishna took part in TDP's Mahanadu and addressed the gathering. The Nandamuri hero gave a stunning speech at the event. Lashing out at the ruling YSRCP, Balakrishna said that YSRCP is famous for its destruction.'

Talking about the 2019 polls, Nandamuri Andagadu Balakrishna said you people voted for the YCP believing in Okka Chance and you are facing its effects now. I am appealing to you all to not repeat the same mistake. His comments made the TDP cadre and workers go wild at the event.

Balakrishna's comments made many feel that he is talking about the forthcoming polls and indirectly warning the voters to not do the same mistake of voting for YSRCP or else they will have to face issues as they are doing now.

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