Balakrishnas Son In Laws Attempt To End NTR Controversy

Fri Nov 26 2021 11:21:38 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Andhra Pradesh Assembly incident involving TDP boss Chandrababu Naidu which made many heads turn had also resulted in widening the gap between the party and Jr. NTR. The TDP leaders are questioning why the star reacted to the matter in a diplomatic manner rather than targeting the ruling party leaders aggressively. Senior TDP leader Varla Ramaiah even drew a comparison between Nandamuri Harikrishna and Jr. NTR in the matter.

As damage control, Actor-turned-politician, Hindupur TDP MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna's son-in-law Bharath had stepped in and tried to pacify NTR fans by supporting the star. In his statement, Bharath said it's appreciable that Jr NTR had reacted to the issue and gave his opinion.

Reacting to the issue in a mature manner, Bharath said, it is wrong to criticise Jr NTR on the grounds of the nature of the stand on which he condemned the matter. NTR had condemned the issue when his mother-in-law was abused. The way he reacted is not important here and on this, we cannot criticise him, he said.

Having supported NTR in this manner, Bharath opined that rather than giving too much focus on this, everyone should think about the ticketing issue in Andhra Pradesh. He said that the members of the industry should come forward to raise their voices against this.

The way senior TDP leaders had criticised Jr NTR on his reaction to the issue did not sit well with the NTR fans, who are showing their support to the star and slamming the TDP leaders. Fans are not happy with the fact that NTR is being dragged into the political issue without any reason.

Taking to social media, Jr NTR fans have started a demand that Chandrababu Naidu should apologise to Jr NTR on the comments the party leaders made against their matinee idol. The hashtag #CBNShouldApologizeJrNTR was trending on social media.

Bharath should be appreciated for taking the timely decision by putting an end to the controversy. Without hurting the TDP leaders, Balakrishna's son-in-law has supported NTR and attempted to pacify the fans who are not happy with the leaders commenting on Jr NTR.