Bandi Sanjay emerges stronger after Praja Sangrama Yatra

Sun May 15 2022 12:04:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Telangana BJP circles unanimously feel that Bandi Sanjay has grown quite stronger after the conclusion of the second phase of his Praja Sangrama Yatra. The yatra was a one-man show and Sanjay has proved his organisational skills through the second phase of the yatra. He walked for nearly six hours every day and improved his outreach.

It is an open secret that the Yatra was a one-man show. Local BJP bigwigs like Kishan Reddy, Eatala Rajendra, Indrasena Reddy, Raghunandan Rao and even Dharmapuri Aravind were nowhere to be seen during the yatra. Though Eatala was present at the inaugural, he later sidestepped and stayed aloof. Even the party's organising secretary Mantri Srinivasulu adopted a "touch-me-not" attitude.

Bandi Sanjay single-handedly mobilised the funds for the yatra. According to unofficial sources, close to 10 crore were spent for the yatra. Everyday, a public meeting had to be organised, at least 15 big meetings, and three public meetings were organised during the yatra. The inaugural meeting, JP Nadda's meeting and Amit Shah's Tukkuguda meeting were huge meetings with more than 30000 turnout. These were single handedly managed by Bandi Sanjay.

He managed to create a perception among the people of Telangana as a viable opposition to the TRS. His strident criticism of KCR and KTR resonated with the voters. All these have helped in building Brand Sanjay. It is not for nothing that Amit Shah has said at the Tukkuguda meeting that Bandi Sanjay was enough to take on both KTR and KCR.  Thus, the yatra has helped create an image for Bandi Sanjay.