What Happened To Bandla Ganesh?

Tue Dec 11 2018 19:06:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

All of a sudden Leaders who made tall claims & arrogant comments prior to the Telangana Assembly Polls began behaving like completely different individuals after the announcement of results. We have seen how Revanth Reddy reacted on the defeat of Mahakutami. And now, It's the turn of the 'Blockbuster' Producer..!

Bandla Ganesh claimed to be respecting the mandate given by the people of Telangana. 'We have accepted the defeat. Congratulations to the TRS Government,' he wrote.

Is this the same person who dared to slit his throat if Mahakutami doesn't form the government in Telangana? What happened to that challenge Bandla Ji? May be, This Congress Spokesperson is yet to find 7'o Clock Blade.

Elections Results taught a tough lesson to all the arrogant leaders. It's high time these Leaders introspect and rectify their mistakes for giving themselves a chance to bounce back.