I Wish To See My Boss PK As AP CM!

Thu Apr 04 2019 10:50:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

Bandla Ganesh made his political entry by joining Congress ahead of 2018 Telangana Assembly Polls. Out of desperation for MLA Ticket, He even lauded Chandrababu Naidu who according to him was working so hard to develop AP. This Film Celebrity ended up settling for Spokesperson Post as the ticket aspired by him was offered to TDP as part of the seat sharing.

Ahead of the AP Elections, Bandla Ganesh expressed his wish to see his god-cum-boss Pawan Kalyan, who according to him is humanity personified, honest and good-hearted, as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. He now appeals people of Andhra Pradesh to fulfil his wish.

How does TDP and Jana Sena Supporters respond to the latest statement of Bandla Ganesh? Is he wishing to see Pawan Kalyan become a King Maker? If Pawan has to become CM, Neither TDP or YCP should be anywhere close to the magic figure. Any such possibility looks bleak at least in 2019. May be, Bandla Ganesh should have waited till 2024 to express his wish.