Barbarous: Thieves stealing gold ornaments from Covid-19 corpses!

Fri May 07 2021 13:22:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Covid-19 impact is a reality check to highlight how low can people stoop. As a disguise to humanity, thieves are stealing gold from the dead bodies of the Covid-9 victims.

The incident of missing jewelry surfaced when the kin of an elderly woman, who recently breathed her last to Covid-19 pandemic complained of missing gold ornaments, the woman had, when she was admitted to the hospitals.

Alleging that the woman had 60 grams of gold ornaments when she was admitted to the hospital, the family members of the elderly woman claimed that when her body was handed over to them, there were no gold ornaments on her body.

After receiving no help from the hospital management over the missing gold ornaments, the kin of the woman moved the Alipiri Police Station seeking help in this regard.

What's even more shocking is that, after the complaint was lodged in the Alipiri Police Station, it was found out that several such incidents of missing ornaments from Covid-19 dead bodies were reported.

Not only the state-run hospitals, but leading private hospitals also reported the incidents of missing gold ornaments from Covid dead bodies.

It is sad to know that, leading private hospitals are not following the policy to see that the belongings, especially the gold ornaments of the Covid-19 patients are handed over to the kin of the patients, before admitting them into the hospitals.

These cases are putting pressure on the management of the private hospitals to make sure that the hospital premises are under surveillance by the CCTV cameras so that the footage can be used to solve such issues.