Big Blow: Senior BC Leader Leaves TDP, Alleges Sidelined!

Wed Aug 10 2022 13:48:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

Dealing with its worst-ever crisis, the opposition Telugu Desam Party is giving its best in bringing back the lost glory. The grand old party already started participating in the 'Intintiki TDP' program. The party leadership is also working hard in reviving friendly ties with the saffron party Bharatiya Janata Party.

Amid this, the Telugu Desam Party suffered a big shock as a key leader left the party. The leader holds the official representative post in the Telugu Desam Party and now he left the party and the leadership is unable to digest the news.

One Ganji Chiranjeevi, who is a senior leader from TDP in the Mangalagiri constituency bid goodbye to the party. The leader said that he is facing injustice as the party is not helping the BCs. The explosive claims he made against the party are sending shocking waves across the state.

Ganji Chiranjeevi said that he has been sidelined in the party and the party leadership is not giving him any posts despite giving assurance that he would be given a helping hand in the party.

It is a big blow to TDP as Mangaalgiri is represented by Nara Lokesh. Though Lokesh could not win the polls, he decided to represent the constituency in the general polls as well. Now Ganji Chiranjeevi big goodbye to the party and made sensational comments against the party.

Not just for Nara Lokesh, the senior leader leaving TDP is also a big blow to the leadership as it would leave an impact on the vote bank. Since its inception, Telugu Desam Party has been labeled as a pro-BC party as the leadership groomed many BC leaders. Many leaders from the community working in various parties in Telugu states were once members of TDP.

SC STs also walked with TDP in the early days. However, the Karamchedu massacre which happened in 1985 changed tables upside down, and post the violence, the SCs and STs distanced themselves from the party. The dominant class in the village attacked the Dalit community and hundreds of people from the community were killed. As a few accused in the violence were related to TDP, the vote bank shifted its loyalties from TDP.