Be aware Unmarried Boys,Scamsters are After You!

Thu Dec 01 2022 18:21:37 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Due to various reasons, boys are unable to find suitable partners. This is the reason why dating apps and matrimonial sites are seeing a good rise in popularity and users. Now the unmarried boys have one more thing to worry about as scamsters are after them.

Banking on the desperate feeling unmarried men have to find a partner,scamsters are after them and targeting them. A few people were scammed and they moved the police. The accused reportedly scammed the victims to the tune of hundreds of crores.

Going into details, a few fraudsters are reportedly fake profiles on matrimony sites and arranging fake meetings with them. During the meeting, the accused will gather the details of the boys and scam them. The victims are realising the scams after losing the money in their bank accounts.

As the issue reached the cops, they are urging everyone to be cautious and asking victims to file a complaint without any hesitation as others can be saved from getting scammed. A special number was provided for the victims for complaining and it is dedicated only to the complaints.

In other incidents, a few victims were reportedly kidnapped by the accused and they were released only after paying the money they asked for. Such incidents happened in Hyderabad as well as per the media reports and the Police asked unmarried boys to be cautious.

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