Behind the screen woman power in Maharashtra

Wed Nov 27 2019 09:32:19 GMT+0530 (IST)

What's the most important lesson from the murky politics of Maharashtra? The politics in the richest state are run from the kitchen. Yes. Surprising as it may sound, but true. What drove Uddhav Thackeray out of the 40-year-long bond with the BJP? What made Uddhav Thackeray to make a bid for the CM post? Woman power of course. It was  his wife Rashmi Thackeray, who impressed upon Uddhav to leave the NDA and form a government with the help of the NCP and the Congress.

Rashmi played a key role in talking to the Shiv Sena MLAs and keeping them together. She drove the ambition of the thackerays. In the NCP too, it was Sharad Pawar's wife Pratibha Pawar, who played a key role in bringing back a recalcitrant Ajit Pawar back into the NCP. Ajit, it is being said, has tremendous respect for Pratibha and she personally went over to him and convinced him to come back into the party. It was her persuasion that finally worked. Soon after meeting her, Ajit changed his Twitter DP and removed ‘deputy chief minister' from his profile. This was the first indication that he was heading ‘home.'

Interestingly, the BjP too has woman power. Outgoing CM Devendra Fadnavis's wife Amrita Fadnavis has sent a message to the people of Maharashtra with a cryptic message – Mee Parat Yein (I will come back). Interestingly, this was Devendra Fadnavis's catchword during the election campaign. In her tweet before Devendra resigned from the CM post was - "Palat me aaungi shakhon Pe Khushbuye lekar, khija ki jad mein hoon, mausam jara badal ne de."Which means "I shall come back as the fragrance of the flowers. Let the season change a bit." Given the woman power behind the screen, does it mean that the game is not over yet in Maharashtra?