Beijing Police arrest Pianist over Prostitution charge!

Fri Oct 22 2021 17:48:49 GMT+0530 (IST)

We all know how strictly the Dragon country China implements the rules brought by the government. The ruling party in the country is after the entertainment industry over following discipline. Post the arrest of a star pianist on the grounds of indulging in prostitution, the celebrities are on the government's radar.

Announcing the news of the arrest of celebrated pianist Li Yundi, the leading Newspaper in Dragon country China 'The People's Daily' said besides the pianist, a sex worker was also arrested by the cops. The daily added that President Xi Jinping is focusing on the industry due to alleged poor discipline.

The mouthpiece of the Chinese government had warned the celebrities that those who go against the discipline will not be spared. Despite not taking any names, the observers feel that the warning was issued to the members of the entertainment industry.

The President of China Xi Jinping had decided to deal with the industry with an iron fist despite a lot of protests from the celebrities. On the grounds of going against the discipline, the government had earlier banned an actress from the industry.

Earlier, the government had banned western bands and other cultures from the western world saying that such practices will not be entertained and the celebrities who don't follow the guidelines will have to face the heat of their actions. Those who follow the western culture will not be spared, the government warned.