Beirut Explosion: PM Orders For An Investigation

Wed Aug 05 2020 11:29:22 GMT+0530 (IST)

A massive explosion took place at the port area of Beirut. The explosion that took place on Tuesday evening shock not only the  Republic of Lebanon but also the entire world.

The preliminary report states that the ammonium nitrate that was stocked up in the warehouse got exploded on Tuesday which resulted in huge blasts. Many regions in the Beutit suffered severe losses.

With the explosion of ammonium nitrate more than 4,000 victims developed severe injuries while 78 lost their lives due to the massive blast.

The explosion was so powerful that buildings located 10 kilometers away from the port area were also damaged along with the street lights in the adjacent areas and the Supportive measures are going on.

It has been widely reported that the authorities buried all the corpses in nearby wreckage. Several cars and buildings in the surrounding regions were damaged severely.

Reportedly, Kataeb political party secretary-general, Nizar Najarian lost his life due to the massive explosion while the official statement is awaited by the officials in this regard.

Lebanon Prime Minister Hassan Diab spoke to the media and expressed his shock over the blast and said people who are responsible for the blast will be punished. He ordered an investigation to found out the reason for this.