Bengaluru Airport Faces Severe Water Logging With Heavy Rains!

Tue Oct 12 2021 11:27:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

The rains recorded in a few metro cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad had cost high time with the people facing severe waterlogging. A few vehicles were washed out in these cities due to the high rainfall. Another metro city witnessed the same situation.

The Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) in IT Capital of India Bengaluru faced the wrath of the heavy downpour as the airport premises were flooded with rainwater making it impossible for the passengers to enter the air[port for their travel. The flights were also delayed seeing the dangerous situation.

The situation reached a level that the air passengers had to hire tractors for their commute so that they could make it through the airport. The visuals of passengers traveling on tractors took the social media like a storm. Netizens expressed their concerns over the situation.

Reacting to the situation swiftly, the authorities of the Bengaluru International Airport and the airport police had swung into action to lend a hand for the passengers who were stuck in areas that faced the severe situation. All the flights to other cities were delayed with immediate effect.

Quoting a few weather officials as saying, the media outlets said that the Airport region recorded high rainfall with 178.5 mm. The percentage is relatively very high compared to the Bengaluru City and Bengaluru HAL with 32.6mm and 20.8 mm rainfall respectively.

To show how severe the situation in the Karnataka capital city Bengaluru is, the meteorological observation agency India Meteorological Department(IMD) had urged the concerned officials to be more careful and issued a yellow warning.

On top of this, the IMD had also predicted that the capital city might witness a heavy downpour for the next four days. Bengaluru was hit by the heavy rains as a result of the cyclone over the eastern Arabian Sea.

The situation had led to a person losing his life with waterlogging. The incident took place due to the short circuit triggered by the downpour. The incident took place in Konappana Agrahara where a house witnessed a waterflood. While there were two people present inside the house, one person lost his life while the second victim was safe.