Bengaluru Traffic Police Sent A Notice To Actress

Tue Jan 14 2020 17:10:38 GMT+0530 (IST)

Bengaluru traffic police issued a notice to actress Sanjana for violating the rules. While actress Sanjana was in her way to watch Mahesh babu movie Sarilerunikevaru. While she was driving her car she took a selfie video and the actress Sanjana uploaded the video on social media.

The video went viral in social media, Bengaluru police also saw the video and issued a notice for violating the traffic rules. Many people will inspire seeing celebrities and follow their style, dressing sense and behaviour.

As per the traffic rules, we must not use cellphones, while driving the vehicles. If we use the cellphone, while driving the vehicle then the challan of 1000 rupees will be imposed for the first time. If it continues for three times the challan will be 2000 rupees.